Change "Being swallowed..." to "Swallowed..." on the HUD ring.
[voretournament/voretournament.git] / data / sound / misc /
2011-04-16 MirceaKitsunePlay beep sound when a team mate was healed to the...
2011-04-15 MirceaKitsunePlay a different sound when unable to do some vore...
2011-02-27 MirceaKitsuneHealth and armor regen sounds. Taken from Xonotic
2010-10-03 MirceaKitsuneA much better falling sound
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneHigher pitch hit sounds as well
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneLower pitch pickup sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneAnother set of sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneMore new sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneMore new sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneNew health pickup sounds
2010-09-09 MirceaKitsuneMove this sound to misc, now that it addresses more...
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.