Change "Being swallowed..." to "Swallowed..." on the HUD ring.
[voretournament/voretournament.git] / data / sound / player /
2011-07-08 MirceaKitsuneMisc tweaks on several things
2011-07-08 MirceaKitsuneNew vore sounds for the vixens. Some people will love...
2011-02-27 MirceaKitsuneAdd voice files for vore voices. Prey will yell for...
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneSharper / more foxy like voice <3
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/voretemple_updates
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneThe digest sound shall be an ogg
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThis isn't Pyria any more
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneVore sounds for fallback voice
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThe digest sound shall be per-player as well
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneMake gurgle sound per-player
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCloser to getting the gurgle sound right. We also have...
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.