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2013-02-20 MirceaKitsuneA male version of the fox character, with proper male...
2013-02-06 MirceaKitsuneGoodbye old vixen model. We now have a brand new fox...
2012-03-03 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/macro_walk_effects
2012-03-03 MirceaKitsuneBetter footstep sound volumes
2012-03-03 MirceaKitsuneCommit the macro sounds to GIT
2012-01-29 MirceaKitsuneUpdate sound count
2012-01-29 MirceaKitsuneChange some annoying vore taunts
2012-01-29 MirceaKitsuneFinish the grab sound feature
2012-01-28 MirceaKitsunePlay a sound when the predator first starts capturing...
2011-11-17 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/weapon_display
2011-11-15 MirceaKitsuneAdd more prey / pred taunt voices, created by mixing...
2011-11-15 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/power
2011-11-15 MirceaKitsunePlay a sound when the power fails
2011-08-04 MirceaKitsuneCombine the old grabber firing sound with the new one...
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneDifferent sentence for helper health warning
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneLower volume for the helper beeps
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneAdd a warning beep to the helper voices
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneBetter helper sounds
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneRename sounds as well
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneStomach load helper
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneSpeed helper
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneAmmo helper sound
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneArmor helper
2011-08-02 MirceaKitsuneBeginning of a helper system (voice that speaks to...
2011-07-22 MirceaKitsuneSounds for an upcoming map
2011-07-14 MirceaKitsunePitch up vixen jump sound
2011-07-12 MirceaKitsuneGrabber casing sounds
2011-07-12 MirceaKitsuneGrabber impact sounds based on what you hit, for both...
2011-07-11 MirceaKitsuneRemove unused sound set
2011-07-11 MirceaKitsuneTweak announcer sounds
2011-07-08 MirceaKitsuneMisc tweaks on several things
2011-07-08 MirceaKitsuneNew vore sounds for the vixens. Some people will love...
2011-07-07 MirceaKitsuneAdd some better stomach kick sounds. Much better >:)
2011-07-06 MirceaKitsuneImprove the menu song a little (export it better)
2011-07-05 MirceaKitsuneNew songs from, used by some existing...
2011-04-17 MirceaKitsuneFix a few things regarding grabber swinging
2011-04-16 MirceaKitsuneCommit the melee sound file
2011-04-16 MirceaKitsunePlay beep sound when a team mate was healed to the...
2011-04-15 MirceaKitsuneUpdate some songs to the latest versions, and add a...
2011-04-15 MirceaKitsunePlay a different sound when unable to do some vore...
2011-02-28 MirceaKitsuneReload sound
2011-02-27 MirceaKitsuneAdd voice files for vore voices. Prey will yell for...
2011-02-27 MirceaKitsuneHealth and armor regen sounds. Taken from Xonotic
2010-10-03 MirceaKitsuneA much better falling sound
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneBetter weapon sounds, from other Nexuiz weapons
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneHigher pitch hit sounds as well
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneSharper / more foxy like voice <3
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneLower pitch pickup sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneAnother set of sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneMore new sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneMore new sounds
2010-09-29 MirceaKitsuneNew health pickup sounds
2010-09-26 MirceaKitsuneWin / Lose music at the end of each match :)
2010-09-26 MirceaKitsuneTurret hit and explode sounds
2010-09-22 MirceaKitsunePretty song for Brokenworld
2010-09-22 MirceaKitsuneMore awesome music (all songs from Nexuiz, but most...
2010-09-13 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/voretournament...
2010-09-13 MirceaKitsuneThe song Total Meltdown by Sc0rp. Also add new shader...
2010-09-12 MirceaKitsuneAdd a new song
2010-09-09 MirceaKitsuneMove this sound to misc, now that it addresses more...
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/voretemple_updates
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneThe digest sound shall be an ogg
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneSlightly better sounds for grabber
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneSlightly different sound for Grabber alt fire
2010-09-06 MirceaKitsuneNo. No! These couldn't possibly still be here! Or maybe...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThis isn't Pyria any more
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneVore sounds for fallback voice
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThe digest sound shall be per-player as well
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneMake gurgle sound per-player
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCloser to getting the gurgle sound right. We also have...
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.