trigger_changelevel. Changing maps when touched
[voretournament/voretournament.git] / extra / netradiant-1.5.0-win32 / / data / entities.def
2010-10-02 MirceaKitsunetrigger_changelevel. Changing maps when touched
2010-09-24 MirceaKitsuneAdd warpzones to entities.def. Not sure why they weren...
2010-09-20 MirceaKitsuneWe don't have lod models in Vore Tournament any more
2010-09-10 MirceaKitsuneAdd updated netradiant
2010-09-10 MirceaKitsuneUpdate netradiant. Remove the old one first
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.