2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneThis was done
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneVore AI: Teach bots some manners - Don't eat players...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneTeam bubble & chat bubble: Don't show for eaten players...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneMore forgotten Nexuiz unbranding
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneDebrand the Nexuiz logo from another image
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneThis is pretty much useless too
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneHow could I still have these here?
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneFix a major mistake I just realized
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneCorrect something in the menu
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneCorrect comments in effectinfo.txt and remove some...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneCorrect particle effects for grabber secondary
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneCorrect color for the last change
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneWhite grabber wire for non-team games
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneBetter off, don't show any information in RPG scoreboar...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneDon't show the timer in RPG if there's no time limit...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneDon't draw the HUD scores in RPG
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneAdd a tiny delay system, that should prevent some issue...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneBetter grammar in a message
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneUpdate comments
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneSmallest change you could possibly think of :)
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneApply swallow delay after regurgitation too
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneStomach kick escape probability. While stomach kicking...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneRemove finished todo
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneNo need to show Frags on RPG scoreboard
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneThe Vore Town button may go now
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneSeveral menu rearrangements
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneVoretown should be called Voretemple. If I'll make...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneIn RPG, there should be no time limit by default.
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneMenu dependency
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneComment
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneRemove scoring field from RPG. Not sure if this removes...
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneUpdate DLL's
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneMore ideas for the future
2010-09-03 MirceaKitsuneRemove scoring from RPG gametype. Hope I removed it...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneImplement RPG / Free Roam gametype. Next step is to...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneDo the same for thrown weapons, and remove useless...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneFix some mistakes
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneApply regurgitation colors to weapon entities.
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThis issue seems to be fixed with proper engine branding
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThis isn't Pyria any more
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneVore sounds for fallback voice
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneFix an issue with PlayerSound
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThe digest sound shall be per-player as well
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneMake gurgle sound per-player
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCredits update
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneMore fixes to the gurgle sound. I guess it's ready...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneUgh, what are these doing in the repo?
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCloser to getting the gurgle sound right. We also have...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneFirst step toward an ambient stomach gurgling sound...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCorrect default
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneIt's probably better without randomization though
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneAdd randomization back
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneRegurgitated players now rocket in the direction the...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneAlso push players when they regurgitate
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneOur ramdomvec must be between -1 and 1, not 0 and 1.
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneRegurgitation force. Players "rocket out" at the specif...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneCorrect game version
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneSome minor tweak
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneTeam heal feature. When a player spends time inside...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneBetter way of fixing that last bug
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneFix a bug where an eaten player would see the stomach...
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThis also doesn't belong on the repo.
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneThese don't belong here
2010-09-02 MirceaKitsuneWe are now version 0.2git
2010-09-01 MirceaKitsuneInitial checkout of Vore Tournament 0.1.alpha.