transformpath: do not segfault if environment variable is missing
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2022-06-18 Thomas Debesseradiant: rework the configuration of FHS and absolute...
2022-06-18 Walter Doekesuse /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/netradiant path
2022-02-15 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'make-git-dependency-optional' into 'master'
2022-02-15 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'reproducible' into 'master'
2022-02-10 Antoine FontaineMake git dependency optional if GIT_VERSION is set 191/head
2022-01-11 Thomas Debessemime: fix mimetype and file type association
2021-10-21 Thomas Debessecmake: fix gtkglex build configuration issues
2021-11-08 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'focus-ok-button' into 'master'
2021-09-29 Thomas Debessegtkglext: some fixes and improvements
2021-03-28 Thomas Debessecmake: reuse already defined variables
2021-03-21 Thomas Debessecmake/gtkglext: do not override CC
2021-03-11 Thomas Debessecmake: OBJC is not passed to gtkglext build tools
2021-03-11 Thomas Debessecmake: pass C compiler option to gtkglext build tools
2021-03-10 Thomas Debessemacos: workaround the laggy XY/Camera window mouse...
2021-03-09 Thomas Debessecmake/gtkglext: rewrite the way it is built
2021-03-07 Thomas Debessemacos: properly set GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION when buildin...
2021-03-07 Thomas Debessemacos: set GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION when building radiant
2021-03-07 Thomas Debessefreebsd: enable bundling
2021-02-22 Thomas Debessecmake: fix whitespace
2021-02-22 Thomas Debessemacos: ignore warnings about OpenGL being deprecated
2021-02-22 Thomas Debessemacos: rework the plist and rename apple to macos in...
2021-02-20 Thomas Debessemacos: introduce ugly packing hack to attempt to reduce...
2021-02-20 Thomas Debessemacos: support for macOS-like GTK theme with light...
2020-12-22 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/gtkglext' into 'master'
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessecmake: minor tweaks
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessemacos: produce working
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessebundle: bundle macos binaries (no .app file done yet)
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessemacos: workaround faulty destructor
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessegtkglext: build macos non-x11 gtkglext
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessegtkglext: build and bundle built-in gtkglext
2020-12-21 Thomas Debessegtkglext: build builtin GtkGLExt as cmake external...
2020-04-04 Thomas Debessecmake: install global.xlink
2020-04-01 Thomas Debessebundle: make daemonmap buildable and bundlable like... 162/head
2020-03-28 Thomas Debesseradiant/buildmenu: rename ".[ExecutableType]" as "...
2020-01-20 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'easy-builder' into 'master'
2020-01-20 Thomas Debesseenable crunch if available
2019-08-05 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-08-05 Thomas Debessecmake: fix a mistake introduced while revamping bundlin... 153/head
2019-08-05 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessebundle: a bunch of improvements
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessecmake: BUNDLE_LIBRARIES disables FHS_INSTALL
2019-08-04 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'floating' into 'master'
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessefloating window: use HINT_UTILITY on Windows but normal... 152/head
2019-07-23 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bintarget' into 'master'
2019-07-23 Thomas Debesseadd a "binaries" target, fix #135, <3 @zturtleman 144/head
2019-07-23 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'cleanup' into 'master'
2019-07-23 Thomas Debesserename game_packs target to gamepacks 142/head
2019-07-05 Thomas Debessecmake: do not use WIN32 for console tools 137/head
2019-07-05 Thomas Debessecmake: make tools target the console subsystem on Windows
2019-06-24 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-06-19 Thomas Debessebundle: store dll in lib subdirectory, bundle all of... 136/head
2019-06-19 Thomas Debessebundle: export gtk theme/engine bundle code to the...
2019-06-18 Thomas Debessebundle: export lib bundling code to a standalone script
2019-06-18 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'wingtk2gl' into 'master'
2019-06-18 Thomas Debesseworkaround the GTK2 GLWidget bug on Windows 133/head
2019-06-18 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'gamepacks' into 'master'
2019-06-17 Thomas Debessegamepacks: install them in a gamepacks/ subdirectory 135/head
2019-06-16 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'gamepacks' into 'master'
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: allow to set an arbitrary directory to store... 132/head
2019-06-16 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'polishing' into 'master'
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessebikeshedding: cmake quoting
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: use complete version string in radiant about...
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake/makefile: define NetRadiant name
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake/makefile: there is no need for MAJOR/MINOR/PATCH...
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: there is no conflict anymore between radiant...
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: only set RADIANT_ABOUTMSG for netradiant build
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: unify radiant variable names
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: fix RADIANT_ABOUTMSG definition to be used in...
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: does not display license list since it can be...
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: prefer absolute paths instead of relative ones
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: spacing
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecmake: better way to set per OS options
2019-06-03 Thomas Debessemacos: do not require xquartz and do not build against x11
2019-06-02 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'freebsd' into 'master'
2019-06-02 Thomas Debessecmake: look for libraries in /usr/local/lib on FreeBSD
2019-06-02 Thomas Debessecmake: fix icons install and stuff like that (bug from...
2019-06-01 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'msys2' into 'master'
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessemsys2/bundle: also bundle compiler libs (minizip…)
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessemsys2/bundle: install libs only once
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessemsys2/bundle: speed-up the build to not copy what is...
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessecmake: avoid useless dot dir in the middle of some...
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessecmake/gamepacks: tell cmake about the gamepack files...
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessemsys2/bundle: gtk2 loaders and theme, installation
2019-06-01 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'macos' into 'master'
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessecmake: fix linking on macOS
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessecmake: spacing
2019-06-01 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'msys2-ldd' into 'master'
2019-06-01 Thomas Debessemsys2/bundle: properly parse ldd output for dll bundlin... 128/head
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake/radiant: FHS fixes 109/head
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: allow to configure for radiant/tools/gamepacks...
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: do not look for graphical libs when not building...
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: option for FHS installation is now FHS_INSTALL
2019-05-18 Thomas Debesseradiant: strip .[ExecutableType] entirely (including...
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: XDG desktop integration
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: rename “radiant” binary to “netradiant”
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: FHS installation
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: drop generation and usage of radiant version...
2018-11-04 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'picomodel-obj-surface-vertexes' into...
2018-11-04 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'werror' into 'master'
2018-11-04 Thomas Debessemake -Werror and -pedantic-errors a cmake option named... 106/head