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[xonotic/netradiant.git] / COMPILING
2012-03-27 Rudolf PolzerMerge commit '515673c08f8718a237e90c2130a1f5294f966d6a'
2012-03-27 Rudolf PolzerMerge commit '48410b113dd2036e69dbf723a39ec9af02fc9b12'
2012-03-17 Timothee TTimo Bessettrash a bunch of outdated and confusing things
2011-02-21 rambetterThis is a major change that updates the 3rd party libs...
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzermore text
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate URL to the netradiant dependencies
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerexplain how to deal with missing DLL
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerimprove instructions
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate the radiant deps link
2010-12-11 Rudolf Polzerupdate win32 instructions a bit
2010-12-08 Rudolf Polzermark the package as outdated
2010-12-05 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/divVerent/pangofix'
2010-11-19 Rudolf Polzerdoc fixes
2010-09-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/merlijn/osx-compile'
2010-08-29 merlijnUpdate documentation
2010-03-28 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'osxnetradiant'
2010-01-07 divverentadd note to svn in PATH
2010-01-07 divverentremove svn:externals-using games subdirectory
2010-01-07 divverentmention that the C++ compiler is needed
2010-01-07 divverentcompile instructions for native win32
2009-03-04 divverentfix MD3 model entities crash on OS X (by renaming a...
2008-09-15 rpolzeradd description
2008-09-15 rpolzerfix Q3Pack entry in COMPILING
2008-09-15 rpolzersomewhat fix COMPILING; remove some unnecessary files
2008-09-13 rpolzerinitial
2008-09-01 TTimomerge branch work back into trunk
2008-06-30 mattn* removed SETUP=0 (only valid for 1.5)
2008-06-27 mattn* Tremulous patch by Ingar
2008-06-26 mattn* moved zeroradiant (1.6) into trunk
2008-06-26 mattn* add compiling file from 1.5 with minor changes
2008-06-26 mattn* prepared the COMPILING file for 1.5 for branches/1.5
2008-06-25 mattn* changed eol-style to native
2007-09-12 TTimotransfer from internal tree r5311 branches/1.4-gpl
2007-03-04 namespaceLinux compile fix and updated COMPILING
2006-07-09 spogfixed iconv link
2006-07-09 spogupdated libxml2 win32 package to 2.6.24
2006-02-20 spogupdated COMPILING
2006-02-12 spogadded msvc dlls to; added svn revision looku...
2006-02-12 spogupdated COMPILING to reflect gamepacks location
2006-02-11 spogadded; updated COMPILING; fixed q3 shader...
2006-02-10 TTimook