Merge pull request #21 from merlin1991/Q3-gamepack-fix
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / SConscript.module
2011-02-22 rambetterFixing Linux SCons build.
2008-09-01 TTimomerge branch work back into trunk
2008-06-26 mattn* moved zeroradiant (1.6) into trunk
2008-03-19 mattn* fixed libpng linkage (2nd try)
2008-03-19 mattn* fixed linkage of imagepng lib
2008-03-04 mattn* activate surface_ufoai and model plugins for compilation
2008-02-18 TTimoapply patch from Martin Gerhardy - more quake2 related...
2007-11-05 TTimopropagate from internal tree
2007-10-24 TTimosome updates to the Linux build system - obtained a...