library-bundler: improve FreeBSD library bundling
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / library-bundler
2022-06-29 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: improve FreeBSD library bundling
2022-02-15 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'reproducible' into 'master'
2021-11-28 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: proper xargs usage
2021-03-07 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: only call rmdir on empty directories...
2021-03-07 Thomas Debessefreebsd: exclude more libraries when bundling
2021-03-07 Thomas Debessefreebsd: add freebsd support to library-bundler
2021-02-22 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: don't use -a, it may fail on network...
2021-02-20 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: rely on gcp instead of cp on macos
2021-02-20 Thomas Debesselibrary-bundler: fix path
2020-12-22 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/gtkglext' into 'master'
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessemacos: produce working
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessebundle: bundle macos binaries (no .app file done yet)
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessegtkglext: build and bundle built-in gtkglext
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessebundler: detect missing libraries
2020-03-27 Thomas Debessebikeshedding: some touchup on library-bundler
2020-01-20 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'easy-builder' into 'master'
2020-01-20 Thomas Debessefail library-bundler script on error
2019-08-07 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-08-07 Thomas Debessebundle: make linux bundle that is known to work on... 154/head
2019-08-07 Thomas Debessebundle: fix some minor mistakes (had no bad consequences)
2019-08-05 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-08-05 Thomas Debessebundle: do not bundle libstdc++, pango, and some remain...
2019-08-05 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-08-05 Thomas Debessebundle: do not bundle gtk and other deps on linux 151/head
2019-08-05 Thomas Debessebundle: more linux bundling
2019-08-05 Thomas Debessebundle: linux shared lib bundling
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessebundle: a bunch of improvements
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessebundle: chmod +x library-bundler
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessebikeshedding: spacing
2019-06-24 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'bundle' into 'master'
2019-06-19 Thomas Debessebundle: store dll in lib subdirectory, bundle all of... 136/head
2019-06-19 Thomas Debessebundle: also bundle hicolor icons with libgtk
2019-06-19 Thomas Debessebundle: export gtk theme/engine bundle code to the...
2019-06-18 Thomas Debessebundle: use ntldd on msys2 instead of ldd to enable...
2019-06-18 Thomas Debessebundle: export lib bundling code to a standalone script