radiant/layouts: add a single-window layout
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / libs /
2021-09-29 Thomas Debesseradiant/layouts: add a single-window layout master
2021-08-10 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'iqm' into 'master'
2021-08-10 Marco Hladikadd IQM format support into lib/picomodel 184/head
2021-05-03 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'gtk3' into 'master' 10/merge
2021-05-03 Antoine Fontainevarious: drop dead code
2021-05-03 Antoine FontaineCorrect IMPL call
2021-05-03 Antoine Fontaineradiant: replace StringBuffer with std::string
2021-04-27 Antoine Fontaineimport GCC10 fix by afontain
2021-04-27 Garuxpicomodel::ase: support standard empty bitmap name... illwieckz/md2 179/head
2021-04-27 Garux* picomodel: fix md2 loader
2021-04-27 Garuxfix some strncpy use
2021-04-27 Garux* picomodel: do some guessings about shader paths to...
2021-04-27 Garuxpicomodel: white default color of fm, md2 (was one...
2021-03-24 Antoine Fontainelibs/gtkutil/glwidget: rework a bit shared context...
2021-03-24 Antoine Fontainegtkgl module: drop
2021-03-23 Antoine Fontainegtkutil/filechooser: replace Array<char> by std::string
2021-03-23 Antoine Fontainevarious: add explicit default contructors
2021-03-23 Antoine Fontainevarious: reindent classes
2021-03-21 Thomas DebesseRevert "gtk3: call ui::process() after gtk_gl_area_queu...
2021-03-21 Thomas Debessegtk3: call ui::process() after gtk_gl_area_queue_render()
2021-03-21 Antoine FontaineEnable auto-redraw of the GLArea on GTK3 175/head
2021-03-21 Antoine FontaineFix GTK_CRITICAL errors
2021-03-21 Antoine Fontainegtkutil/glwidget.cpp: use static
2021-03-17 Antoine FontaineAdd missing IMPL() call
2021-03-11 Thomas Debessegtkutil: fix gtk3 compilation (produced build still...
2021-03-11 Thomas Debesselibs: remove deprecated non-replaced “register“ storage...
2021-03-10 Thomas Debessemacos: workaround the laggy XY/Camera window mouse...
2021-03-10 Thomas Debesseradiant/cursor: get the display from the widget, attemp...
2021-03-10 Thomas Debesseradiant/cursor: get/set cursor position from widget...
2021-03-10 Thomas Debesseradiant/cursor: factorise a bit the code
2021-02-20 Thomas Debessemacos: introduce ugly packing hack to attempt to reduce...
2021-02-15 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'dds' into 'master'
2021-02-15 Garuxfix dds loading in 64 bit 169/head
2020-12-22 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/gtkglext' into 'master'
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessemacos: disable drawing xorrectangle (rectangle selectio...
2020-12-22 Thomas Debessemacos: workaround faulty destructor
2020-05-25 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'vfs' into 'master'
2020-05-22 Thomas Debesseradiant/texwindow: test .wad file extension case-insens...
2020-05-21 Azamat H. HackimovFixing compilation with -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON
2020-04-05 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'clang' into 'master'
2020-04-05 slipherclang/error: fix: call to convertToOpaque is ambiguous
2020-04-05 slipher clang/error: fix: non-type template argument refers...
2020-04-04 Thomas Debesseradiant: center messagebox on main window
2020-03-28 Thomas Debesseradiant/buildmenu: rename ".[ExecutableType]" as "...
2019-12-25 Thomas Debessecrn_rgba: use “algorithm” header to avoid std::min...
2019-12-25 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/gcclt7' into 'master'
2019-12-25 Thomas DebesseFix compiling using GCC older than 7, obsolete !143... 159/head
2019-10-12 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'restart' into 'master'
2019-10-12 Thomas Debessefix cancel button
2019-08-04 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'floating' into 'master'
2019-08-04 Thomas Debessefloating window: use HINT_UTILITY on Windows but normal... 152/head
2019-07-23 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'floating' into 'master'
2019-07-23 Thomas Debessemake floating windows resizable on Windows, ref !140 147/head
2019-07-22 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'restart' into 'master'
2019-07-22 Thomas Debessebikeshedding: some wording 141/head
2019-07-22 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'floating' into 'master'
2019-07-13 Thomas Debessegtk2: do not make floating windows minimizable
2019-06-18 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'wingtk2gl' into 'master'
2019-06-18 Thomas Debesseworkaround the GTK2 GLWidget bug on Windows 133/head
2019-06-16 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'polishing' into 'master'
2019-06-16 Thomas Debesseradiant/tools: use RADIANT_NAME instead of hardcoding...
2019-06-16 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'crnlib' into 'master'
2019-06-16 Thomas Debessecrnlib: update submodule reference 131/head
2019-06-02 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'freebsd' into 'master'
2019-06-02 Thomas Debessevector: do not redefine lrint on FreeBSD
2019-06-01 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'gdefos' into 'master'
2019-06-01 Thomas Debesserework GDEF_OS macros
2019-05-31 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'ellipsis' into 'master'
2019-05-31 Thomas Debesseui: fix the ellipsis icon 127/head
2019-05-18 Thomas Debessecmake: do not look for graphical libs when not building...
2019-05-18 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'mschwan/gdef-inline-fix' into 'master'
2019-02-12 MarioMerge branch 'revert-restyle' into 'master'
2019-02-11 Thomas DebesseRevert partially (auto) "reformat code! now the code...
2018-11-04 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'picomodel-obj-surface-vertexes' into...
2018-11-03 MarioMerge branch 'webp' into 'master'
2018-11-02 MarioMerge branch 'picomodel-obj-messages' into 'master'
2018-10-31 Zack MiddletonFix over allocating vertexes for OBJ models with multip... 107/head
2018-10-31 Zack MiddletonPrint name of undefined OBJ material 108/head
2018-10-31 Zack MiddletonPrint OBJ/MTL filename in all picomodel OBJ loader...
2018-10-28 Thomas Debesseoops, readd crunch submodule
2018-10-28 Thomas Debesselast minute fix to save legacy Makefile life one more...
2018-10-28 MarioMerge branch 'crunch-submodule' into 'master'
2018-10-28 Thomas Debessemake crunch build optional and disabled by default
2018-10-28 Thomas Debessemake crunch a submodule
2018-10-28 dolcetriadeimage: add crn support to the image plugin.
2018-10-28 MarioMerge branch 'image_nofail' into 'master'
2018-10-28 Thomas Debessedo not fail on missing image or model plugin, they... 105/head
2018-10-03 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/vfs' fix !101
2018-10-03 Thomas Debessedefault texture is notex, not textures/ dir
2018-10-03 Thomas Debesseload notex textures from a builtin vfs
2018-10-02 Thomas DebesseMerge branch 'illwieckz/nonumbers' fix !95
2018-10-02 Thomas Debessedo not write useless empty line at beginning of map...
2018-06-05 MarioMerge branch 'picomodelname' into 'master'
2018-06-05 MarioMerge branch 'filternonshader' into 'master'
2018-05-05 Thomas Debessefilter non-shader texture paths at the same place
2018-05-04 Thomas Debesseprint picomodel filename on error for @Viech, fix #112
2018-05-03 TimePathMerge branch 'Mario/winfix' into 'master'
2018-05-01 TimePathFix the build
2018-04-29 MarioMerge branch 'nomagicpath' into 'master'
2018-04-29 MarioMerge branch 'csgmakeroom' into 'master'