Fixing Linux SCons build.
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / plugins / surface_ufoai / surfaceflagsdialog_ufoai.cpp
2011-02-22 rambetterFixing Linux SCons build.
2008-09-01 TTimomerge branch work back into trunk
2008-07-04 mattn* more translateable strings
2008-06-26 mattn* fixed a lot of compiler warnings (mostly const char...
2008-06-26 mattn* moved zeroradiant (1.6) into trunk
2008-03-24 mattn* modified ufoai surface plugin to read the surface...
2008-03-16 mattn* cleanup - use GINT_TO_POINTER and GPOINTER_TO_INT
2008-03-16 mattn* fixed ufoai surface plugin (don't give a stack variab...
2008-03-04 mattn* UFO: Alien Invasion surface plugin