2007-03-04 namespace- Disabled useless "deprecated" warnings when using...
2007-03-04 namespaceLinux compile fix and updated COMPILING
2007-03-04 namespace- Reverted Q3 translucency fix since it randomly made...
2007-03-04 namespace- Final update for installerfiles (Shaderman / namespace)
2007-03-02 namespacetiny fix the second
2007-03-02 namespacetiny fix for vc
2007-02-28 namespace- Radiant is now Vista compatible (Aero must be disabled)
2007-01-26 namespaceSnapPlane reenabled by namespace because of multiple...
2007-01-25 namespaceAdded undo/redo-icons to setup.xml
2007-01-24 namespaceAdded undo/redo icons
2007-01-24 namespace- Added Undo/Redo-Toolbarbuttons (Shaderman)
2007-01-18 namespace- Weird shiftvalues are now hidden to the user, shiftva...
2007-01-18 Forest Haledisabled SnapPlane because it slightly corrupts collisi...
2007-01-17 namespace- Fixed "jumping" texcoords when switching to a shader...
2007-01-06 namespacefinal fix for ufoai
2007-01-05 namespace...
2007-01-05 namespace...
2007-01-05 namespace...
2007-01-05 namespace- UFO:Alien Invasion Plugin (mattn2)
2007-01-04 Forest Halereverting my last change as I don't know where to put it
2007-01-04 Forest Haleadded Node_getBrush function as requested by mattn...
2006-12-25 namespace - Brushplugin Version 2.0, supports multiple collapse...
2006-12-17 namespaceAdding missing warzow xml-files
2006-12-17 namespace17/12/2006
2006-12-16 namespace15/12/2006
2006-12-13 namespace- Added tremoulus-support to q3map2
2006-12-08 namespace- Entity names are now drawn for group entities in...
2006-11-23 Forest Halepatch from mattn2 (of the UFO: Alien Invasion team...
2006-11-06 namespace- (TODO) Texture sizes sometimes vary wildly. New textu...
2006-11-04 namespaceSmall fix, reverting an accidental change in group.cpp
2006-11-04 namespace- Added warzow-support to q3map2
2006-10-12 namespaceAdded missing bitmaps
2006-10-12 namespace- Updated help menu web links (removed map-center.com...
2006-10-09 namespace- Added option to toggle the camera window stats on/off
2006-10-09 namespace- Added missing prey.xml for win32 setup
2006-10-08 namespace- Fix for bug 1106 - .wad files don't get listed in...
2006-10-07 namespace- Added "select inside" and "select touching"
2006-10-06 namespace- Changed ETB not to show any texture if a tag search...
2006-10-03 namespace- Fix for Bug 1113 (Topsun)
2006-10-03 namespace- Changed ETB tag toolbar to a notebook with tag/textur...
2006-10-01 namespace- Added missing xml files for win32 installer
2006-10-01 namespace- Fixed Etb saving custom tags to global tagfile (Shade...
2006-09-30 namespace- Added LocalLcPath to plugin interface
2006-09-13 Forest Hale64bit compile fixes
2006-09-12 namespaceFixed 64 Bit issue in patch.h, see zerowing.idsoftware...
2006-09-11 namespaceFixed unnecessary warnings, see zerowing.idsoftware...
2006-09-11 namespace- Added sunplug (Mapcoordinator-plugin for ET) by Topsun
2006-09-11 namespaceFixed compile error on x86_64, see
2006-09-09 namespaceAdded feature:
2006-08-22 spogfixed crash loading quake4 1.3 entity definitions
2006-08-13 spogrefactored CONTENTS_DETAIL macro
2006-08-13 spogdisabled 'detail' checkbox in q2 surface inspector
2006-08-13 spogfixed bug 1102 - gcc 4.1.1 error
2006-07-31 spogadded missing file
2006-07-22 spogadded support for both ent and def files at the same...
2006-07-22 spogfixed doom3 func_static creation bugs
2006-07-22 spogchanged ase texture parsing to match DoomEdit
2006-07-22 spogfixed func_static model dragging
2006-07-09 spogexperimental string converter class
2006-07-09 spogfixed iconv link
2006-07-09 spogapplied patch: stack-backtrace support on linux; use...
2006-07-09 spogupdated libxml2 win32 package to 2.6.24
2006-07-09 spogupdated libxml2 win32 package to 2.6.24
2006-07-09 spogupdated todo
2006-06-24 spogtexture-browser: removed check for textures/ prefix...
2006-06-11 spogadded per-face filtering for caulk shader
2006-06-11 spogfixed arbitrary rotation
2006-06-11 spogfixed errors
2006-06-11 spogminor refactoring
2006-06-11 spogfixed gcc compile error
2006-06-11 spogfixed warnings
2006-06-04 spogfixed crash in build > customise
2006-06-03 spogfixed detail brushes being converted to structural...
2006-06-03 spogfixed save-region crash
2006-06-03 spogchanged doom3 entity-create to add model key for brush...
2006-05-29 spoggcc fix
2006-05-29 spogfixed camera freemove shortcuts bug
2006-05-29 spogcleaned up duplicated doom3 light_radius default value
2006-05-29 spogportability improvements
2006-05-14 spogfixed gcc compile error
2006-05-14 spogadded sockets.cpp to scons script
2006-05-13 spogadded patch support for texture-painting
2006-05-13 spogworkaround for --export-dynamic in gtkglext
2006-05-13 spogfixed nudge-selection and build-monitoring-defaults
2006-05-13 spogfixed linux-only crash when error message handler cause...
2006-05-13 spogminor change to error message handling
2006-05-13 spogadded plugins to win32/linux installers; fixed crash...
2006-05-13 spogintegrated bobtoolz patch from LordHavoc
2006-05-13 spogintegrated x86_64 patch from LordHavoc
2006-05-09 spogrefactored vector classes to avoid reinterpret_cast
2006-05-09 spogportability fixes
2006-04-30 spogported bobtoolz
2006-04-30 spogfixed memleak
2006-04-23 spogfixed gcc 4.1 compile error
2006-04-10 spogoops
2006-04-10 spogfixed compile errors
2006-04-10 spogfixed gcc4 compile errors
2006-04-10 spogfixed gcc4 compile errors
2006-04-10 spogfixed gcc4 compile errors