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2008-03-16 mattn* added filter api to create new filters from within...
2008-03-16 mattn* added basic code for ufoai plugin (this still needs...
2008-03-16 mattn* use CMD_SEP in sample plugin (minor cleanup)
2008-03-16 mattn* sample plugin
2008-03-04 mattn* improved quake2 support by added a quake2 boolean...
2008-03-04 mattn* activate surface_ufoai and model plugins for compilation
2008-03-04 mattn* UFO: Alien Invasion surface plugin
2008-03-02 TTimomisc fixes
2008-02-28 TTimomisc nix
2008-02-28 TTimotowards compiling on windows again
2008-02-25 TTimoadded file copy tree for the game packs - lists support...
2008-02-18 TTimoapply patch from Martin Gerhardy - more quake2 related...
2008-01-02 TTimoadd q3map2 build to scons
2007-12-25 TTimobasic architecture for game configuration at runtime...
2007-11-05 TTimopropagate from internal tree
2007-11-04 TTimoeol
2007-11-04 TTimo...
2007-11-04 TTimofrom nxn
2007-11-04 TTimomore eol-style
2007-11-04 TTimomore eol-style
2007-11-04 TTimomore eol-style
2007-11-04 TTimoeol style
2007-11-04 TTimoset eol-style
2007-11-03 TTimocreate a branch for AB sync
2007-11-03 TTimocompiles on OSX (10.4.10 Intel)
2007-10-24 TTimosome updates to the Linux build system - obtained a...
2007-09-30 TTimoget the basics of a new scons build system together
2007-09-12 TTimotransfer from internal tree r5311 branches/1.4-gpl
2007-09-12 TTimoupdated 1.4 code - sync branch with our internal stuff