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2022-08-07 terencehillMake scoreboard team selection on spacebar press work... 1059/head
2022-08-01 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-31 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-29 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-28 terencehillFix #2727 "New esc-menu shouldn't open a standard setti...
2022-07-28 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-26 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-25 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-24 terencehillDon't allow opening scoreboard UI / team selection...
2022-07-24 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-23 terencehillOops, forgot to commit changes of main.qc in the previo...
2022-07-23 terencehillShow the team selection dialog on old servers
2022-07-22 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/scoreboard_ui' into 'master'
2022-07-22 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-21 terencehillFix #2722 "Voting endmatch during intermission will...
2022-07-21 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/gotomap_fix' into 'master'
2022-07-21 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-20 terencehillFix #2718 "Online dedicated servers panic when gotomap... 1055/head
2022-07-19 terencehillDisambiguate a parameter name in a few functions
2022-07-19 terencehill"Fontsize:" -> "Font size:". Thanks to Calinou for...
2022-07-15 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-12 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-11 bones_was_hereMerge branch 'bones_was_here/ripoldmotd' into 'master'
2022-07-11 bones_was_hereRevert "Make sure endless function call loop actually...
2022-07-11 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-10 terencehillMake crylink screen brighter, made by MusicGoat, resave...
2022-07-10 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-09 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-08 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-07 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'Mario/weapon_alias_fix' into 'master'
2022-07-07 bones_was_hereAdd cvar cl_welcome to control if Welcome dialog appear... 1012/head
2022-07-07 terencehillAllow showing the Welcome dialog in demos, initially...
2022-07-07 bones_was_hereRename SendWelcomemessage_msg_type to SendWelcomeMessage
2022-07-07 bones_was_hereRemove legacy MOTD centreprint (retaining support for...
2022-07-07 bones_was_hereRemove legacy MOTD logic
2022-07-06 MarioMove weapon hardcoded impulses to the included weapon... 1052/head
2022-07-06 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/lms_updates' into 'master'
2022-07-06 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/lms_updates 808/head
2022-07-06 MarioUpdate gameplay hash
2022-07-05 MarioRestore a legacy hack to ensure core weapons have impul...
2022-07-05 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-04 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-03 bones_was_hereWhitelist sv_termsofservice_url
2022-07-03 terencehillSlightly extend underline of normal centerprint titles...
2022-07-03 terencehillLMS: fix all players declared winners in console
2022-07-03 terencehillImprove wording of movement keys
2022-07-03 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-07-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/arc_suicide_message' into...
2022-07-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'Mario/hlac_sound_fix' into 'master'
2022-07-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'Mario/no_csproject_test' into 'master'
2022-07-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/duel_centerprint_underline...
2022-07-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'Mario/pokenade_crash_fix' into 'master'
2022-06-29 MarioRemove a legacy hack to test cs_project breakage that... 1043/head
2022-06-26 terencehillDuel centerprint title: slightly extend underline under... 1039/head
2022-06-25 terencehillCut off long names in the duel centerprint title (same...
2022-06-25 MarioIf monsters are disabled use a regular nade explosion... 1041/head
2022-06-23 MarioAdd the combined damage of all shots to the HLAC shot... 1040/head
2022-06-23 MarioChange the HLAC's secondary attack function to only...
2022-06-22 terencehillBreak underline in duel centerprint title at "vs" so...
2022-06-22 bones_was_hereMerge branch 'terencehill/unwanted_autojoin_fix' into... xonotic-v0.8.5
2022-06-21 terencehillFix #2701 "Unwanted random auto-join". This patch basic... 1037/head
2022-06-20 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-19 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-18 bones_was_hereUpdate the-big-keybench demo
2022-06-18 bones_was_hereMerge branch 'bones_was_here/805' into 'master'
2022-06-18 bones_was_hereDo the pre-release TODOs
2022-06-18 bones_was_hereIncrease Xonotic version to 0.8.5 1034/head
2022-06-18 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-17 bones_was_hereMerge breaking changes for 0.8.5 into 'master'
2022-06-17 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-14 terencehillFix #2698 "arc is missing a suicide death message" 1032/head
2022-06-12 bones_was_heresv_maxidle_playertospectator: fix joining players getti...
2022-06-11 terencehillMerge branch 'drjaska/catimelimit' into 'master'
2022-06-11 Dr. JaskaWhitelist g_*_round_timelimit
2022-06-11 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/scoreboard_ui 1027/head
2022-06-11 terencehillAvoid checking Arc overheat twice
2022-06-11 terencehillCompact some conditions in the Arc code
2022-06-11 terencehillScoreboard UI: remove Enter to join if no player is...
2022-06-11 terencehillAllow scoreboard team selection to fade out cleanly
2022-06-09 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'drjaska/frozenarcfix' into 'master'
2022-06-08 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-07 terencehillForbid opening scoreboard team selection when the game...
2022-06-07 terencehillScoreboard UI and team selection: add SHIFT+TAB shortcu...
2022-06-07 terencehillScoreboard UI: fix not being able to switch to the...
2022-06-07 terencehillFix ESC key not closing team selection if automatically...
2022-06-07 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-06 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/weapon_model_fixes' into...
2022-06-06 drjaskaAdd a frozen status check to arc 1029/head
2022-06-06 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'terencehill/clockedtime_tostring_improvem...
2022-06-06 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'Mario/speed_powerup_noeffects' into ...
2022-06-06 MarioDisable the bubbly particles that show while holding... 1028/head
2022-06-06 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-05 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2022-06-04 terencehillMerge branch 'z411/welcome_join' into 'master'
2022-06-04 bones_was_hereWelcome dialog: use capitals in Join and Spectate,... 1021/head
2022-06-04 bones_was_hereMerge branch 'master' into develop 1008/head
2022-06-04 bones_was_hereMerge translatable strings for !1017 (Mario/monsters...
2022-06-04 bones_was_hereMerge branch 'Mario/monsters' into 'develop'
2022-06-02 LegendaryGuardMerge branch 'drjaska/weaponindepency' into 'master'
2022-06-02 MarioChange Invasion's primary scoring field from frags... 1017/head