2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneDifferent word for engine
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix language file description
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneMoar fixez
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix several things
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix my name :P
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix a few things
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneRomanian language for the new translation system
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix a MAJOR strzone leak
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeralso fix the fuzzy matching zere
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix some fuzzy matching here too
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerrange-ify the other translation files too (they need...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix another issue there
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeruse the "contexts" to differentiate between different...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerbadwords support for translations now compiles
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd a bad-words list to help translations
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerleave out the word for "language"
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd Russian (not finished yet, will need code changes)
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix an overlap
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate to Portuguese
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerFrench credits file, why not
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate to french language
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzernew French file
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd german "update now"
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd "Update to ... now" string
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix update notifier translatability
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate translation files
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd a translation checker tool
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerget rid of the old _cl_name checking hack as we have...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerimprove _cl_name handling
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd translators to the credits
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate german; update i18n guide with msg* commands
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerput Portuguese in the menu
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerPortuguese by Hellgardia
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerbetter spacing in firstrun dialog
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeralso add language to the misc selector
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerenable the initial language selector
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd a language selector
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerbefore I do a language selector: a first-run dialog...
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerFrench tooltips
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerin "MQC Build Information", do mention the loaded langu...
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerUpdate of german translation
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerSeeker from Slot 9 auf 8
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzernew update by Calinou
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerfix some widths in the menu
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerfix two errors in Calinou's french file
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzeradd utf-8 argument
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerFrench translation by Calinou
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzeralso fix Piñata here
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/german-translation
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerwrite Piñata
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/terencehill/mapvote_fade'
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzersome formatting fixes
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerupdate german language file
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerfix some minor bugs
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/german-translation
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerGerman at 100%
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerGerman at 77%
2011-01-17 Rudolf PolzerGerman at 53% now
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzertext label: condense text if it does not fit in allocat...
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerremove a useless argument
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerremove a useless argument
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerfix another too-wide label
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzer"Verschlüsselung:" label is too wide, try "Krypto:"
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzer20% done
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzerinitial checkin of empty german .po file
2011-01-17 Rudolf Polzeri18n: all files of menuqc are marked for i18n support now
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzernot many dialogs left now...
2011-01-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/gettextizing-the...
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerfix the news URL (not used, though)
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzertwo more dialogs
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerdialog_multiplayer marked
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzermore dialogs
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerupdate xgettext command
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzermore i18n helping
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerfix some errors
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerreject resolutions with aspect ratio > 2:1 (broken...
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzermore preparations
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerpanelhud dialogs marked
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzersome panelhud dialogs
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzermove common panelhud code together
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzersome panelhud dialogs marked
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerright before dialogs
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerfinish some more files
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzeradd testing guidelines
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzermore gettextizing... now "only" xonotic/ is left for...
2011-01-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/gettextizing-the...
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerget rid of some dead code
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerhelp syntax highlighter
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerbegin of gettextizing the source
2011-01-16 Rudolf Polzerupdate cheat detection with real world data
2011-01-15 Rudolf Polzerfix weapon throwing
2011-01-15 Rudolf Polzerin mapvote, NEVER show the scoreboard unless TAB is...
2011-01-15 Rudolf PolzerLMS: calculate rank properly if someone left
2011-01-15 Rudolf Polzerdon't include stats with value 0
2011-01-15 Rudolf Polzerplayerstats: also count killing sprees, botlike, first...
2011-01-14 Rudolf Polzerturn off DDS failure logging
2011-01-14 Rudolf Polzeradd a scoreboardvalid field to the stats
2011-01-14 Rudolf Polzeruse better format for the float numbers in the stats
2011-01-14 Rudolf Polzerplayerstats: properly handle different ways of match...
2011-01-14 Rudolf Polzeronly add the event if the label is set