2011-07-12 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/samual/waypointsprite_edgeo...
2011-07-12 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/waypoin...
2011-07-11 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/terencehill/translated_mapv...
2011-07-09 Rudolf Polzerenable r_glsl_vertextextureblend_usebothalphas
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzersilence the annoying warnings with current fteqcc
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzerfix a compile error
2011-07-08 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/samual/grenadelaun...
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzerimprove the way the trace is done for shownames
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzersimplify
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzershownames: also fade out if the player is behind you
2011-07-08 terencehillMake translatable the title of the map vote screen
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzerstop fireball charge sound when weapon switching
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzerremove warnings
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzeralso sort out CH_SHOTS vs CH_SHOTS_SINGLE
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzersort out CH_TRIGGER_SINGLE vs CH_TRIGGER use
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzerallocate a CH_SHOTS too
2011-07-08 Rudolf Polzeroptimize menuqc compiling speed by doing the second...
2011-07-07 Rudolf PolzerCrylink "not a spike" error: output more detail
2011-07-07 Rudolf Polzerfix some sound errors and a warning
2011-07-06 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/divVerent/newchannels'
2011-07-05 Rudolf Polzersync extensions
2011-07-05 Rudolf PolzerRevert "change ALL sound calls AGAIN (damn Spike)"
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzerchange ALL sound calls AGAIN (damn Spike)
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzerfix compile
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzerfix another bad channel munging
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzersync extensions
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzermore channels
2011-07-04 Rudolf Polzerchange the constants for DP_SND_EXTRACHANNELS
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeradd a CH_WEAPON_SINGLE for possible charging sounds
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerfix a crash
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeradd seta for the new channel volume cvars
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeroops, fix a typo
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeradd a macro -DNOCOMPAT to remove compat support for...
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzermore channel cleanup
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeruse less channels :P
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerfix a bunch of compile errors
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerfix other CHAN_ use
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeralso get rid of CHAN_WEAPON
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeralso get rid of CHAN_WEAPON2
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzernow CHAN_PLAYER dies
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerget rid of CHAN_PAIN too
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzereliminate CHAN_PROJECTILE now
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerget rid of CHAN_TRIGGER too
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerget rid of CHAN_VOICE now
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerget rid of all use of CHAN_AUTO, use CH_ names
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzerupdate constant definitions a bit
2011-07-03 Rudolf Polzeradd some new (unused) defines for audio channels to...
2011-07-03 SamualMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into samual/grenade...
2011-07-02 Rudolf Polzersame for stopsound()
2011-07-02 Rudolf Polzersupport DP_SND_MORECHANNELS in soundtoat() function too
2011-07-02 Rudolf Polzerallow to send sound packets with channel higher than...
2011-07-01 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/terencehill/scoreb...
2011-07-01 Rudolf Polzeradd some voices to the supported player sounds; add...
2011-07-01 Rudolf Polzeradd a workaround for Xonotic 0.1.0 "crouchbug"
2011-07-01 Rudolf Polzerremove an useless variable
2011-07-01 Rudolf PolzerRevert "define velocitymultiplier in all effects becaus...
2011-07-01 Rudolf Polzerdefine velocitymultiplier in all effects because LordHa...
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzerset radarmap max size for QC based radarmap maping...
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzermore "gib"
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzerwe don't use "corpse" and "gib" classnames anywhere
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzerwe never use classname "corpse"
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzersome fixes to what can be pushed, teleported, trigger_i...
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzerdon't clear iscreature when a vehicle dies; POSSIBLY...
2011-06-30 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2011-06-30 Rudolf Polzervehicles: exclude them from SOME iscreature handling...
2011-06-29 Rudolf Polzeralso exec vehicles.cfg
2011-06-28 Jakob MGFix gibfountin turrets (health rounding issue)
2011-06-28 Jakob MGhitsound for turrets
2011-06-28 Jakob MGAnimate spider's miniguns again
2011-06-28 Jakob MGImpact sounds for vehciles (using placeholders)
2011-06-28 Jakob MGFix warning (same as last, headshotbox this time)
2011-06-28 Jakob MGFix warning (remove called w/o check if there was anyth...
2011-06-28 Rudolf Polzerprevents rockets from "zapping back"
2011-06-27 Rudolf Polzermore warpzone projectile bugfix
2011-06-27 Rudolf Polzerfix a case of repeated teleporting
2011-06-27 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/scoreboard_finea...
2011-06-27 Rudolf Polzerupdate other translations
2011-06-27 Rudolf Polzerupdate german again
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerfunny feature: cl_lerpexcess
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerfix hook throwing through warpzone
2011-06-26 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerfix another warning
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerfix a stupid fteqcc warning
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzeralso trigger targets by impactfilter
2011-06-26 Rudolf PolzerRevert "remove now useless code; be more robust with...
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerremove now useless code; be more robust with projectiles
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerprevent player from warping out of the warpzone
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzermore warpzone improvements
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzermake warpzonelib work even if warpzone's .touch gets...
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzermore warpzonelib consistency
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerwarpzonelib: more consistent projectile handling code...
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzermake CheckProjectileImpact more consistent
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerremove useless variables from warpzonelib
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerfix a typo in warpzonelib breaking the hook
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzeror maybe just 0.07 (2 to 3 server frames)
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerwe have to bump inputtimeout to 0.1 if we do that ...
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerreduce sys_ticrate to 30Hz
2011-06-26 Rudolf Polzerwarpzonelib: don't teleport MOVETYPE_FOLLOW stuff
2011-06-25 Rudolf Polzerchange "did the impossible" suicide messages to "is...
2011-06-25 Rudolf PolzerEXPERIMENTAL change: make projectiles able to hit yours...