2011-01-25 Rudolf Polzerchange extend/reducematchtime from an rpn alias into...
2011-01-24 Rudolf Polzeroptimize isnan()
2011-01-23 Rudolf Polzerinclude push-deaths in the weapon stats too
2011-01-23 Rudolf Polzerweapon profiling. output to a new format
2011-01-23 SamualUpdate how much ammo is given when you pick up a weapon...
2011-01-23 Rudolf Polzerfix "for up to" number format
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzersome bugfixes in CSQC hud messages
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzermake weapon death messages translatable
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzercredits fixing, more of it
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzerfix theShadow and sev in the credits
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzermore rearranging
2011-01-22 Rudolf Polzeradd r_coronas_occlusionquery to the effects presets
2011-01-22 Rudolf PolzerRussian update
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzeras the previous change made gibbing easier, make it...
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzerfix damage handling when gibbing
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzerlanguage update, again
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzersort :P
2011-01-21 Rudolf Polzerfix Romanian
2011-01-21 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/mirceakitsune/translation_r...
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzermore german... sbbgonyy cynl jr orggre guna lbh
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzermore german
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerfix some coloring bugs
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzermore german in csprogs
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerone more string haha
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerupdate line numbers
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerupdate German csprogs a bit (31.09% now)
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerdisable the csprogs translation for now
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerbeginning of German translation of csprogs
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerfix compile
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzeradd Dutch to the menu
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzeradd untranslated strings for the weapon names to all...
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerallow translations of weapon names (NOTE: will only...
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerpreparation for making weapon names translatable
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzermake score labels translatable
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerformatting normalized again
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerinitial NL translation by PinkRobot and freefang
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerupdate French credits file
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerupdate credits
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerupdate russian by nikoli
2011-01-20 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2011-01-20 Rudolf Polzerseeker: force from 250 to 100, apparently got forgotten...
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerfix for menu music playing when restarting the menu
2011-01-19 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://de.git.xonotic.org/xonot...
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzermore i18n-marked strings
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerfix a hanging semicolon
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzermore i18n marking progress in csqc
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerone more file i18n marked
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzermore gettext marks
2011-01-19 Rudolf PolzerMerge commit '961fd2402928e52177ae5f9d6bc8a6d097ec918f'
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerremove a debug message
2011-01-19 Rudolf Polzerdo part of the gettext-marking
2011-01-19 SamualOoops, those don't exist anymore.
2011-01-19 SamualUpdate some cvars and comments
2011-01-19 SamualAdd the polyblend changes to a new branch which DOESN...
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneDifferent word for engine
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix language file description
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneMoar fixez
2011-01-18 SamualMerge branch 'samual/water_and_damage_blur' into samual...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix a typo squishing a text field in Russian
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzermore fancy stuff :P
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzersort the message catalogs
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzermore files done
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzermore i18n for CSQC
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzertranslation checker: make it run on CSQC too
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerstart of CSQC i18n-izing
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerdon't compile the ctf example
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzermove i18n guide and badwords to ..
2011-01-18 SamualMerge branch 'master' into samual/water_and_damage_blur
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix several things
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix my name :P
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneFix a few things
2011-01-18 Mircea KitsuneRomanian language for the new translation system
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzershow engine tooltip strings only in English mode
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix a typo
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerenforce a margin for button text
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix doubleclick on a language in misc
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzernew version of Russian
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate translation files for text change (new English...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerone line less in the dialog
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix display of the welcome text
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate the first-run dialog using a better text
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix one missing message
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate for Russian
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerTHIS is the file to unfuzzy
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerRevert "the .pt translations are fine, no fuzzy" as...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerthe .pt translations are fine, no fuzzy
2011-01-18 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeralso split Ambient:
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix a MAJOR strzone leak
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeralso fix the fuzzy matching zere
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix some fuzzy matching here too
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerrange-ify the other translation files too (they need...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix another issue there
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeruse the "contexts" to differentiate between different...
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerbadwords support for translations now compiles
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd a bad-words list to help translations
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerleave out the word for "language"
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzeradd Russian (not finished yet, will need code changes)
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerfix an overlap
2011-01-18 Rudolf Polzerupdate to Portuguese