some more of cortez' ideas
[xonotic/xonotic-maps.pk3dir.git] / maps /
2011-03-19 Maik Mertensome more of cortez' ideas
2011-03-19 Maik Mertenstart implementing ideas from cortez666
2011-03-19 Maik MertenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-11-20 Maik Mertensome motivational information screens. Sci-Fi ftw....
2010-11-17 Maik Mertenentity changes by Calinou
2010-11-13 Maik Mertensome barrels and stuff, complete courtfun CTF map
2010-11-13 Maik Mertenmore cables
2010-11-13 Maik Mertencable madness
2010-11-13 Maik Mertenmore detailing work
2010-11-07 Maik Mertendamn security regulations. Install handrails for added...
2010-11-07 Maik MertenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-10-10 Maik Mertenuse morphed's ionpump
2010-10-09 Maik MertenMerge branch 'morphed/ionpump' of ssh://git.xonotic...
2010-09-12 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' into divVerent/courtfun2
2010-09-12 Rudolf Polzercourtfun, re-added (as a clean git branch)