update location names
[xonotic/xonotic-maps.pk3dir.git] / maps / vorix.map
2016-01-22 packerupdate location names
2015-09-04 MirioSet author, message and _description in map files
2015-03-16 MirioMerge branch 'master' into amade/finalrage
2015-03-06 MirioMerge branch 'master' into debugger/shadow/atelier
2015-03-06 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/dance
2015-03-06 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/hudsetup
2015-02-12 Mirionn
2015-02-11 MirioMerge branch 'master' into maddin/map-warfare
2015-02-11 MirioFix barrel
2015-02-08 Matthias KrügerMerge branch 'master' into matthiaskrgr/dance
2015-01-24 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into debug...
2015-01-24 MarioMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into maddi...
2015-01-23 MirioMerge branch 'master' into mirio/glowplant
2014-12-13 MarioMerge branch 'master' into mirceakitsune/world_cubemaps
2014-12-02 MarioMerge branch 'itsme/vorix'
2014-12-02 MarioMerge branch 'master' into itsme/vorix
2014-11-29 MarioMerge branch 'master' into itsme/vorix
2014-06-19 packerquad and ammo
2014-06-19 packerupdate models
2014-06-17 packerexplosive barrels
2013-07-09 itsmefix lava pools
2013-07-09 ItsMeupdate
2013-06-20 ItsMemore playerclips, some fixes
2013-06-20 ItsMeset info_autoscreenshot entity
2013-06-20 ItsMecommit the changes i made to vorix and released as...
2013-06-20 ItsMeMerge branch 'xonotic-maps.pk3dir/itsme/vorix' of git...
2011-07-19 ItsMeMerge branch 'master' into itsme/vorix
2011-07-19 ItsMefixed some wrong texture :S
2011-06-22 ItsMefixed some optical issues
2011-06-22 ItsMechanged some curves
2011-06-22 ItsMeadded some details
2011-06-22 ItsMeadded lights, added missing brushes
2011-06-21 ItsMeMerge branch 'master' into itsme/vorix
2011-04-11 ItsMefixed error of ex2x/light_beam_red...
2011-04-11 ItsMechanged target_speaker settings
2011-04-09 ItsMechanged position of minelayer - some minor fixes
2011-04-09 ItsMeMerge branch 'master' into itsme/vorix
2011-04-09 ItsMeedit weapon and health/armor placement... added lava...
2011-03-14 ItsMeedit mapfile
2011-03-12 ItsMeMerge branches 'master' and 'itsme/vorix' into itsme...
2011-03-10 ItsMeadded more detail brushes
2011-03-06 ItsMeedit vorix.map file
2011-03-04 ItsMeVorix - CTF