last changeThu, 1 Apr 2021 13:19:09 +0000 (15:19 +0200)
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerDon't start an X server for texture compression - crunc... master
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerAlso update map screenshot script from zernichter.
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerUpdate map compiler script from
2021-04-01 Rudolf PolzerSync release build script from srv03.
2021-03-24 Rudolf PolzerFUN: a shell script to convert Nokia ringtones to cfg...
2021-03-19 Rudolf PolzerAllow DXT1 for textures that have alpha (e.g. grates).
2021-03-18 Rudolf PolzerTurn off renormalizing.
2021-03-18 Rudolf PolzerAdd support for the "crunch" texture compression tool.
2021-03-17 Rudolf PolzerTry to not dither normalmaps, but instead dither colorm...
2021-03-17 Rudolf PolzerGenerate deluxemap textures dds files in normalmap...
2021-03-05 Rudolf Polzer./all keygen: also accept ed25519 keys.
2021-02-25 MarioMerge branch 'divVerent/ticrate-change-allowed' into...
2021-02-25 Rudolf PolzerDocument new allowed sys_ticrate value. 78/head
2020-12-20 MarioMerge branch 'tos-updates' into 'master'
2020-12-20 Ant ZucaroUse single-quote to prevent display weirdness on the...
2020-12-20 Ant ZucaroCheck if tos text has more than one line. Use a suffix.
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9 years ago xonotic-v0.6.0 Xonotic Release 0.6.0
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