2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroRemove more refs to sqlahelper. master
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroGet rid of sqlahelper.
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroRemove extraneous print calls.
2020-12-06 Ant ZucaroWrap bare queries in text() to avoid exceptions.
2020-05-09 nicoConsistency fix fix-broken-scoreboard-tables-for-small-width 13/head
2020-05-09 nicoFix broken scoreboard tables for small screen widths
2019-09-21 Ant ZucaroFix the content for the MG. Fixes #183.
2019-09-15 Ant ZucaroInclude the changes in the combined CSS file. martin-t/ok-icons 12/head
2019-09-11 Martin Taibrfix overkill weapon icons
2019-08-31 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'update-luma' into 'master'
2019-08-30 Ant ZucaroUpdate the weapon charts to match. update-luma 11/head
2019-08-29 Ant ZucaroUpdate the templates for the new classes.
2019-08-29 Ant ZucaroUpdate Luma with the right content this time.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroUpdate templates to reflect new naming structure.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroUpdate Luma: no colors, no aliases.
2019-08-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'show-ok-weapons' into 'master'
2019-08-24 Ant ZucaroUpdate Luma, reassemble combined CSS. show-ok-weapons 10/head
2019-08-24 Ant ZucaroAdd sprites for OK weapons.
2019-01-19 Ant ZucaroProvide the correct number of placeholder values.
2018-12-30 Ant ZucaroReturn actual data in the /map/<map id> JSON views.
2018-12-24 Ant ZucaroEnable JSON for the games view as well. json-suffix
2018-12-24 Ant ZucaroFormatting.
2018-12-24 Ant ZucaroAdd better content negotiation.
2018-12-19 Ant ZucaroFix the guide link in the stats nav to match the website.
2018-12-15 Ant ZucaroReturn something useful for a game's JSON view.
2018-12-15 Ant ZucaroAdd a better to_dict() implementation for pgstats.
2018-10-06 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #35 from antzucaro/win-percentage
2018-09-25 Ant ZucaroKA is another mode similar to the others. win-percentage
2018-09-25 Ant ZucaroDon't track win ratios for DM and CTS.
2018-09-22 Ant ZucaroLMS and RC aren't supported either.
2018-09-22 Ant ZucaroConquest hasn't been supported in forever...
2018-06-16 Ant ZucaroAllow 1-player CTS matches to be recorded.
2018-04-27 Ant ZucaroRemove Piwik.
2018-03-18 Ant ZucaroAdd a JSON endpoint for summary stats.
2018-03-18 Ant ZucaroSanitize the scope at the endpoint level. summary-stats
2018-03-14 Ant ZucaroAdd a separate JSON view for summary stats.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroMake ranks an empty dictionary instead.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroReturn an empty list of ranks for JSON views.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroThe blank space isn't needed.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroRemove references to ranks on the player info page.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroRemove access to the rank index pages.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroRemove ranks from the front page.
2018-01-04 Ant ZucaroAdd a simple check to prevent most blank files.
2017-11-25 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'top-servers'
2017-11-25 Ant ZucaroAdd a hover message to the 'time' column. top-servers
2017-11-25 Ant ZucaroUpdate the interval's string format function for space.
2017-11-18 Ant ZucaroDon't compute the frag matrix for all game types.
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroMake the table headers match.
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroUse an instance method to format the play time string.
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroChange the name of the method to fetch top servers.
2017-11-08 Ant ZucaroChange the field to match the table column.
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #34 from antzucaro/versus-in-menu
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #33 from antzucaro/matrix-diagonal...
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroAdd a title for the versus page. versus-in-menu
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroAdd a link to the 'versus' page in the dropdown.
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroAdd a little help bubble in the top-left <td>. matrix-diagonal-help
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroShow blanks along the diagonal.
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #31 from antzucaro/piwik
2017-10-28 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #32 from antzucaro/footer
2017-10-22 Ant ZucaroAdd back the footer attribution below everything else.
2017-10-22 Ant ZucaroAdd Piwik analytics.
2017-10-22 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #29 from antzucaro/frag-matrix-breakfix
2017-10-22 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #30 from antzucaro/setup-py-breakfix
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroUpdate the README to be more clear about dependencies...
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroReinstate entry_points.
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroIf no frag matrix row is found, show zeros.
2017-10-17 Ant ZucaroProperly account for Elo opt-outs.
2017-10-07 Ant ZucaroSync with Gitlab.
2017-10-07 Ant ZucaroAdd an additional check before storing matrix rows.
2017-10-07 Ant ZucaroOnly store frag matrix rows if there is actually someth... frag-matrix
2017-10-07 Ant ZucaroMerge pull request #28 from antzucaro/frag-matrix
2017-10-07 Ant ZucaroMerge branch 'frag-matrix' into 'master'
2017-10-06 Ant ZucaroAdd headers and rearrange so things look clean. 7/head
2017-10-06 Ant ZucaroAdd the compiled/compressed CSS.
2017-10-06 Ant ZucaroAdd styles to make the headers vertical.
2017-10-05 Ant ZucaroInitial display of the frag matrix.
2017-10-03 Ant ZucaroStore the frag matrix in the proper table.
2017-10-03 Ant ZucaroAdd all the other attributes of the table to the object.
2017-10-03 Ant ZucaroAdd mappings for the player_game_frag_matrix table.
2017-09-30 Ant ZucaroA rough outline of constructing the frag matrix for...
2017-09-19 Ant ZucaroFix for scoreboard-scores being float values. score-float-conversion
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroFix merge conflict. allow-ranking 6/head
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroEliminate the wrong debug message. I'm too tired...
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroAllow opting out of the ranking process.
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroThat was a bad idea. Remove it. 5/head
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroAllow opting out of the ranking process.
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroAdd those settings to the sample INI files.
2017-09-17 Ant ZucaroFetch server settings from the INI file.
2017-09-03 Ant ZucaroReturn 404 on query errors.
2017-09-03 Ant ZucaroAdd the template as well.
2017-09-03 Ant ZucaroAdd separate views for the top servers on a map.
2017-08-26 Ant ZucaroAdd a requirements file.
2017-08-26 Ant ZucaroSimplify the setup.py file.
2017-07-08 Ant ZucaroAdd the 'topactive' view to maps as well. Work-in-progress.
2017-07-08 Ant ZucaroAdd the fuzzy and epoch dates to the maps JSON response.
2017-05-02 Ant ZucaroNope, it was right the first time.
2017-05-02 Ant ZucaroSubtract the ping scorefactor.
2017-04-29 Ant ZucaroMove the dummy session var up to convince PyCharm it...
2017-04-29 Ant ZucaroTurn off debug statements after letting things settle...
2017-04-29 Ant ZucaroAdd some new files to the ignore file.