fix const warnings
[xonotic/d0_blind_id.git] / d0_bignum-openssl.c
2011-04-29 Rudolf Polzerfix const warnings
2010-09-17 Rudolf Polzeralso support signing
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzercannot check for BN_set_negative, so let's just #define...
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzerfix typo
2010-09-07 Rudolf Polzerwork around missing BN_*_negative on Crap OS X
2010-09-06 Rudolf Polzertag the macro identifiers (like BOOL, EXPORT) with...
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeruse is_prime_fasttest for the quick primality test
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerbetter Id formatting
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzeralso use $Id$
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzercommit hash into file
2010-09-02 Rudolf PolzerLicense: now entirely licensed under the 3-clause BSD...
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermore bugfixes, SSL variant works now
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermore fixes :P
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzermake auto* hackery work, fix errors
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerimplement OpenSSL variant
2010-09-02 Rudolf Polzerstart of openssl interface: copy gmp interface to opens...