Removed cgame.c, cgamevm.c, ui.c, cg_math.h, cgame_api.h, cgamevm.h, and ui.h from...
[xonotic/darkplaces.git] / darkplaces-dedicated.dsp
2006-03-15 molivierRemoved cgame.c, cgamevm.c, ui.c, cg_math.h, cgame_api...
2006-03-12 sajtAdded some non-crucial header files to the VC++6 projec...
2006-03-02 molivierAdded mdfour.[ch] to the MSVC project files
2006-01-21 molivierUpdated DSP files from Willis
2005-07-10 havocremove unused gl_models.c file
2005-06-20 havocremoved winding.[ch] files from dsp files
2005-05-30 havocupdated dsp files from Willis
2005-05-25 tomazdarkplaces.dsp
2005-01-18 molivierDSP files must be treated as binary files
2004-12-19 tomazProjects for win32 dedicated and win32 SDL builds.