DarkPlaces does not support alphaFunc GT0 and uses GE128 instead
[xonotic/xonotic-maps.pk3dir.git] / scripts / model_desertfactory.shader
2020-01-09 Thomas DebesseDarkPlaces does not support alphaFunc GT0 and uses... 140/head
2010-11-15 FruitieXMerge branch 'master' into savagex/techassault
2010-11-07 Maik MertenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.xonotic.org/xonotic...
2010-10-02 FruitieXMerge remote branch 'origin/divVerent/fruitiex-textures...
2010-10-02 FruitieXMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into fruitiex/runni...
2010-10-02 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'origin/fruitiex/effect_e8circle'
2010-10-02 Rudolf Polzerremove unused shaders
2010-10-01 Rudolf Polzerimport desertfactory assets