Fix/add grayscale-to-RGB in PNG loader
[xonotic/netradiant.git] / tools /
2010-07-30 Rudolf PolzerCRLF
2010-07-30 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-25 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'icculus/master'
2010-07-18 Rudolf Polzercrlf fixes
2010-07-16 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'refs/remotes/origin/parasti/connec...
2010-07-16 Rudolf Polzerfix a nasty bug breaking "deformvertexes move"
2010-07-11 jalMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-11 jalOn grid lighting, redistribute the 25% of the floodligh...
2010-07-04 Rudolf Polzerqtrue too
2010-07-04 Rudolf Polzerit is qfalse
2010-07-04 Rudolf Polzerfix arg parsing
2010-07-04 Rudolf Polzerq3map2 -scale: new arg -spawn_ref - sets reference...
2010-06-24 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'icculus'
2010-06-24 Rudolf Polzerallow 64 directories, no longer 8
2010-06-14 jalFix vertexlighting and gridlighting being too dark...
2010-06-12 jalApply floodlight to vertex lighting (there seems to...
2010-06-04 Rudolf PolzerMerge remote branch 'icculus/master'
2010-05-29 jaladd shader key q3map_noDirty, which disables the dirty...
2010-05-10 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-05-02 Rudolf Polzeractually activate -game xonotic in q3map2 :(
2010-04-30 jalIncrease the influence of directional lights on the...
2010-04-27 Rudolf Polzermark some TODOs for overflows reported on the GtkRadian...
2010-04-26 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-04-22 jalfix deluxemapping when using floodlight. Also, add...
2010-04-21 jalAllow transparent surfaces on misc_models to be made...
2010-04-19 jalTesting my commit ability
2010-04-17 Rudolf Polzerfix lots of CRLFs
2010-04-12 Rudolf Polzer-game xonotic support in q3map2
2010-04-06 Rudolf Polzernew option -extradist to improve lighting a bit, also...
2010-03-28 Rudolf PolzerMerge branch 'osxnetradiant'
2010-03-19 Rudolf Polzervfs: support .pk3dir like in darkplaces engine - direct...
2010-03-01 Rudolf Polzerfix VectorCopy uses in MergeMetaTriangles
2010-02-20 Rudolf Polzermore explicit vec3_t use, no change in behaviour
2010-02-20 Rudolf Polzerimprove patch collision generation a little, should...
2010-02-19 Rudolf Polzerfix patch collision issue by linking patches into all...
2010-02-14 Rudolf Polzerhalf lambert lighting by jal (option: -lightanglehl)
2010-02-14 Rudolf Polzersmall fix by jal regarding normal vectors from lighting
2010-01-04 divverentfix a typo that shouldn't have an impact on most maps...
2009-12-30 divverentqfusion: new defaults
2009-12-30 divverentdon't bounce from trans surfaces
2009-10-04 divverentToggleGridSnap command (beware of it)
2009-10-04 divverentas patchshadows is broken for grid... turn it off for...
2009-10-04 divverentmake it not loop endlessly :P
2009-10-04 divverentlightgrid search fix; increase max vertices of poly
2009-10-04 divverentallowing to customize how directional the light is
2009-10-04 divverentallow more light contributions to the grid; remove...
2009-08-02 divverentsupposedly, RTCW and W:ET use BSP format 47... so let...
2009-07-14 divverentdisable the max bbox distance feature for now, it seems...
2009-07-12 divverentpossibly speed up MergeMetaTriangles, will benchmark...
2009-07-12 divverentsupport "none" in the _celshader key
2009-06-18 divverentalways allocate bspEntData
2009-06-18 divverenttry to fix FindFloatPlane bug
2009-06-12 divverentup MAX_BUILD_SIDES to match MAX_BRUSH_SIDES
2009-05-24 divverentincrease MAX_PORTALS, also show an error if exceeded
2009-05-23 divverentsame bug, different place :P
2009-05-23 divverentfix "invalid tracenode: 0" bug
2009-05-22 divverentfix -rawlightmapsizelimit
2009-05-22 divverentnew option -rawlightmapsizelimit to limit the size...
2009-05-22 divverentfux segv
2009-05-22 divverent-lightmapsearchpower
2009-05-20 divverentfix one bug in last commit
2009-05-20 divverentfix segv in nolightmapsearch
2009-05-20 divverentonly reserve ONE lightmap at once, not TWO (but make...
2009-05-20 divverentnolightmapsearch by LH
2009-05-12 divverentmerge content and compile flags of all surfaces of...
2009-05-07 divverentconsistently handle the aliases to _clone
2009-05-06 divverentset stack size to 8 MB explicitly, should fix light...
2009-05-06 divverentdisable threads if MAC_STATIC_HACK is set
2009-05-05 divverenta Q3 map origin to origin brush converter to fix maps...
2009-05-01 divverent_lightmapsamplesize entity key by jal
2009-04-29 divverentuse warsow defaults for minimap in qfusion game
2009-04-29 divverentbetter shadeangle support by jal
2009-04-27 divverentqfusion now keeps aspect too
2009-04-27 divverentminimap: -boost = contrast boost (like in darkplaces)
2009-04-27 divverentnew modes for minimap: -black = black on transparent...
2009-04-27 divverentuse "minimaps" directory for warsow
2009-04-27 divverentallow not keeping aspect
2009-04-27 divverentmake minimap parameters game dependent
2009-04-27 divverentoption -border in minimap
2009-04-27 divverentmsvc shut up
2009-04-27 divverentremove two debug prints
2009-04-27 divverentfix a 0.5 error
2009-04-27 divverentprobabilistic sample dispersion for minimap -samples
2009-04-26 divverenttiny progress indicator fix
2009-04-26 divverentmake -minmax work
2009-04-26 divverentsimplify shader decision logic in MiniMapSetupBrushes
2009-04-26 divverentbetter progress display
2009-04-26 divverentignore nonsolid brushes
2009-04-26 divverentnaming fixes, allow ordered supersampling
2009-04-26 divverentcommand line options for minimap
2009-04-26 divverentbe compatible to nexuiz for minimaps :P
2009-04-26 divverent-minimap is now a main option... to be used on already...
2009-04-25 divverentunfinished -minimap support in bsp.c, do not use yet...
2009-04-23 divverentbugfix in latest change
2009-04-23 divverentless spammy vis output, more useful
2009-04-23 divverentless spammy vis output
2009-04-23 divverentpatches by jal: fix some warnings, and spawnflags 64...
2009-04-21 divverentncrease MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY
2009-04-13 divverentfix two msvc compile errors
2009-04-10 divverentfix a crash in RBSP reading