last changeTue, 7 Feb 2023 05:07:17 +0000 (15:07 +1000)
3 hours ago MarioAdd a global to enable engine physics for testing purposes master
13 hours ago terencehillRemove BLASTER_SECONDARY_ATTACK, now less useful thanks...
15 hours ago terencehillClean blaster code up to reduce code and fields
43 hours ago Rudolf PolzerSkip division by zero in snapback anticheat.
44 hours ago terencehillMerge branch 'bones_was_here/warmup' into 'master'
2 days ago Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2 days ago terencehilloops, remove some testing code I accidentally put in...
2 days ago terencehillCount votes of eliminated players too if sv_vote_nospec...
2 days ago Rudolf PolzerAdd snapback detection.
3 days ago bones_was_hereRemove a FIXME that's fixed
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerFix the txt file.
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerRemove the stupid qcc calls in
3 days ago Rudolf bail out if QCC not found
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerMore translation damage fixing.
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerUndo damage to the .pot file.
7 months ago xonotic-v0.8.5 version 0.8.5
5 years ago xonotic-v0.8.2 Xonotic 0.8.2 release
7 years ago xonotic-v0.8.1 Xonotic 0.8.1 release
8 years ago xonotic-v0.8.0 Xonotic 0.8.0 release
9 years ago xonotic-v0.7.0 Xonotic Release 0.7
10 years ago xonotic-v0.6.0 Xonotic Release 0.6.0
11 years ago xonotic-v0.5.0 Xonotic Release 0.5
12 years ago xonotic-v0.1.0preview version 0.1.0preview
12 years ago initial initial checkin
2 hours ago bones_was_here/q3compat_gravity
3 hours ago master
21 hours ago Juhu/everything
22 hours ago Juhu/q3_jumppads
22 hours ago Juhu/target_speed
26 hours ago bones_was_here/sv_legacy_bbox_expand
27 hours ago Juhu/q3df_teleporter_flags
35 hours ago morosophos/server-current4
3 days ago Juhu/strafehud-server
3 days ago Juhu/strafehud-features
3 days ago Juhu/strafehud-fixes
3 days ago Juhu/velocity_pads
7 days ago z411/leadannce
7 days ago z411/ctf_relative
9 days ago terencehill/misc_stuff
11 days ago z411/speed_unit