2 days ago Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync master
3 days ago terencehillAlso remove inventory stuff from menu code
3 days ago terencehillRemove some client stuff from menu code
3 days ago MarioAdd a hook to allow mutators to disable the zoom reticle
3 days ago Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
4 days ago Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
11 days ago terencehillFix some comments
11 days ago terencehillFix weapon glow color when vortex starts charging
11 days ago MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/countrylist_removal' into...
11 days ago MarioActually fix entering vehicles in independent players...
11 days ago terencehillSmall optimization
11 days ago terencehillFilter out unused menu code
11 days ago terencehillFix some inconsistent indentation
12 days ago MarioMove vehicle check to the checkpoint_passed function...
12 days ago MarioSanity (probable fix for maps not showing up when using...
2019-05-08 MarioHopefully fix compilation units 2228-xdf-compatibility-proper-support-of-q3-haste 648/head
2019-05-08 MarioIf a vehicle is activating a checkpoint, count the...
2019-05-08 MarioFix vehicles able to attack before the round begins
2019-05-08 MarioDon't allow pressing F to enter a vehicle when in indep...
2019-05-08 MarioAdd a little bit more clarification to the speed buff...
2019-05-07 MarioBasic support for winning the level in campaigns when...
2019-05-06 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-05-05 terencehillUpdate hash
2019-05-05 terencehillBot AI: fix vertical jumppad handling causing bots...
2019-05-05 terencehillGet rid of 2 fields
2019-05-01 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-30 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-29 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-28 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-27 MarioMake sure names aren't truncated to 0 length on old...
2019-04-26 terencehillMake use of an existent translatable string to compose...
2019-04-26 terencehillDeduplicate PENALTY message by stripping color codes
2019-04-26 terencehillMake "missing a checkpoint" translatable
2019-04-26 terencehillAvoid code duplication in some Race code
2019-04-26 terencehillReplace fake country list (actually language list)... 647/head
2019-04-26 terencehillMake translatable various centerprint example messages
2019-04-26 terencehillUpdate hash
2019-04-24 terencehillAvoid changing solidity state of entcs_sender entities...
2019-04-23 terencehillMake translatable minigame names
2019-04-23 terencehillMake translatable some remaining minigame messages...
2019-04-23 terencehillSpecify command bound to default key in some messages...
2019-04-23 terencehillSimplify a message
2019-04-23 terencehillAllow translating gender of player models
2019-04-23 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/translated_keys' into 'master'
2019-04-23 terencehillWhen dead forcedly show scoreboard only if not actively...
2019-04-23 terencehillFix map timer not being displayed if scoreboard is...
2019-04-23 terencehillRemove an useless setting
2019-04-22 terencehillAdd some safety checks
2019-04-22 terencehillRemove some wasted globals
2019-04-22 terencehillMake translatable "<KEY NOT FOUND>" and "<UNKNOWN KEYNUM>" 584/head
2019-04-22 terencehillReplace "F1", "F2", etc... with "F%d"
2019-04-22 terencehillMake translatable a few more keys
2019-04-22 terencehillMake "SHIFT+ESC" translatable
2019-04-22 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-21 terencehillReplace utf8 character with its literal version in...
2019-04-21 terencehillDon't count spectators in the team size total
2019-04-21 terencehillMerge branch 'BuddyFriendGuy/reorganize_scoreboard...
2019-04-21 BuddyFriendGuyemphasize important game info in scoreboard
2019-04-21 terencehillMerge branch 'master' into terencehill/translated_keys
2019-04-21 terencehillImprove key binder code a little bit
2019-04-21 terencehillDisplay the hardcoded shortcut to open the console...
2019-04-20 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-18 MarioMerge branch 'terencehill/dumpturrets' into 'master'
2019-04-16 terencehillRemove direct reference to a team number
2019-04-16 terencehillRespawn turrets when match restarts in game types diffe...
2019-04-16 terencehillAdjust a debug message and a comment
2019-04-15 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-14 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/ForbidWeaponUse'
2019-04-14 terencehillSet the correct classname for every turret, e.g. "turre...
2019-04-14 terencehillDon't apply any time limit to superweapons if enabled...
2019-04-14 Rudolf PolzerTransifex autosync
2019-04-13 terencehillTurrets: read cvars and define associated fields using... 645/head
2019-04-12 terencehillRead g_turrets_unit_*_target_select_missilebias too
2019-04-12 terencehillRemove unused turret cvars g_turrets_unit_*_ammo (initi...
2019-04-12 terencehillAdd a macro to dump common turret settings
2019-04-11 terencehillReduce config_queue size, it was quite wasted given...
2019-04-11 terencehillFix array indices out of bounds; abort dump if a weapon...
2019-04-11 terencehillCompact 2 macros
2019-04-11 terencehillFix #2199 "sv_cmd dumpturrets doesn't work". The new...
2019-04-10 MarioFix compile with TURRET_DEBUG
2019-04-10 terencehillFix #2201 "ForbidWeaponUse mutator hook can leave the... 644/head
2019-04-09 terencehillMerge branch 'byteManiak/bindingsReset' into 'master'
2019-04-09 byteManiakFixed compilation units. 643/head
2019-04-09 Martin Taibrvscode gitignore
2019-04-08 terencehillWarn if there are too many parameters for a bot in...
2019-04-07 terencehillApply forced team to bots only in team games
2019-04-07 terencehillReduce player names longer than 30 chars (name_maxlengt...
2019-04-07 terencehillUpdate a link, mark eraseable some debug functions
2019-04-06 terencehillFix #254 "Latest Autobuild has weird stuttering when...
2019-04-05 terencehillUpdate hash
2019-04-05 terencehillMerge branch 'terencehill/name_tag_fix'
2019-04-05 terencehillFix #2195: "Clan Arena: own name tag displayed over... 629/head
2019-03-31 terencehillSmall optimization
2019-03-31 terencehillDisable scrolling of tabs in menu:Settings/Game (curren...
2019-03-31 MarioTemporary workaround for assault and race spawnpoints
2019-03-30 byteManiakRemoved useless #include.
2019-03-30 byteManiakHopefully this fixes test_compilation_units error.
2019-03-30 byteManiakKeep spelling consistent.
2019-03-30 byteManiakAdded dialog for keybindings reset.
2019-03-29 terencehillMerge branch 'byteManiak/misc' into 'master'